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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Thank you. They are all just "working guns. I have one more Blackhawk that I am customizing slowly.

All of them are likely, or have, been on my hip out in the "pucker brush".
The very first handgun I ever bought was a new 1977 Security Six. I bought it in Ft Lauderdale to avoid the Miami/Dade County 3 day cooling off period. I sold it 2 years later to help fund the purchase of a 1971 GTO.

I bought a stainless steel GP100 the first year they came out. I had it sent to Wilson Combat for a world-class trigger/action job. I later traded the GP100 for a new Sif P220. I needed a carry gun as Texas just started issuing CHLs.

I'm now the proud owner of a stainless steel 7.5" Redhawk in .44mag. It's topped with a 1.5x Simmons scope. It's taken many hog at the deer lease. Recently I used it to drop a 170+ pound boar at 47 yards. The boar screamed but fell where he stood.

If only I still had those .357 wheelies.....
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