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Carrying a Glock 32 with a factory Glock 23 barrel.

Hi Mas,

I have a 32 that has been giving me lots of trouble. I suspect it is some combination of magazines, barrel and ammo choice.

Till I get the .357sig problems sorted out at the range, I'd still like to carry the pistol for self-defense. But obviously not in the troublesome configuration.

My question: Is it better to buy a factory Glock 23 barrel and run it in my G32, or just get rid of the offending G32 and buy a bone stock G23*.

*I know you advocate carrying stock pistols for legal purposes. Also, I expect that the serial# on the factory replacement barrel would be different than that of my frame. While saving money is good, I don't want to put myself at increased legal risk due to saving a few bucks.

Thanks in advance
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