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Originally Posted by Mas Ayoob View Post
Hamster, can you tell me specifically what barrel, magazines, and ammo you're using now? What exactly is the trouble the gun is giving you? How many .357 rounds do you have through it, and when was the last time you changed the recoil spring?

It is a brand new Gen 4 G32 with the factory barrel in it. Rounds were Speer GDHP loaded into new brass by Georgia Arms (my #1 Suspect).

From the first shot, every single round fired resulted in a failure to feed with the hollowpoint cavity catching at the bottom of the feed lip. I've not had a chance to try other rounds, but I did try some older Gen3 mags and had the same issue.

I have a ton of 40 Cal mags laying around and have wanted to get the G23 barrel for cheaper practice with .40 rounds anyway. Do you think that it is a good idea to carry with a non-stock barrel?
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