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Originally Posted by PzGren View Post
Bustedknee, that ammo isn't really suited for the old lady; it will bust her "knee", the toggle.

The Mauser-made P.08 is a nice pistol, mine is a byf from 1942. ....
Mine is also a byf, 1942. The "Black Widow".

I haven't shot any Black Talons through my Luger. They were sitting there on the shelf when I made the photo and they just sorta crowded in. Camera hogs of the boolit world.

Since all parts are matching I certainly don't want to break anything, Why would BT's bust the toggle?
It is my understanding the Luger was designed for, and requires, full-power (NATO) ammo for proper operation.

So, I did shoot some of my "warm" self defense handloads and it functioned properly (no brass to the forehead ) and accurately. Every bang resulted in a clang.

I only fired 6 rounds. But I had to shoot it! I just HAD to.

"I am old, sick, and tired of living. If you feel the need to mess with me, go right ahead." My Uncle, with his hand on his pistol, talking to a troublemaker. 2-13-1935 -- 2-1-2013
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