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Does he really wear such a ring? I don't know because I haven't see any "real" evidence. Do I double it? No! Too much "evidence" says he would probably be wearing something like that.

With that said, people can make excuses and explain there is nothing to The Obomination wearing such a ring but...... If it were someone else I might believe there really wasn't anything to it. However there is too much history to back up The Obomination's love for Allah. Those trying to whitewash it point out that The Obomination attended a "Christian church". Anyone that would confuse, and I refuse to call him a "reverend", Jeremiah Wrigh's church of hate (Black Theology) with a "Christian Church" is an idiot. Anyone that can watch the videos of The Anointed one speaking of Muslims and actually praising Allah and still claim he's a Christian is an idiot. Anyone that claims he's a Christian without researching his past is an idiot.

Anyone that believes he's a Christian and not a Muslim YouTube is your friend. This reminds me of an old Richard Prier skit. His wife sees him coming out of a woman's house and he says.. Wasn't me! Wasn't me! Who you gonna believe me or your eyes. Pretty much the story of the Anointed one. I'm a Christian. Who you gonna believe me or your eyes and ears? And the sheep believe him.

Has HE ever actually claimed he was Christian?

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