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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
To go back about 4 days and about 6 pages... as I predicted, it seems Douggmc has disappeared. And after I went and got all “civil” just for him/her.

It has really become hard for me to be civil with liberals. Yes, I know… as a moderator I’m supposed keep everyone inline and be the most civil of all. Well I wasn’t civil before I became a moderator and even though I try to stay as civil as I can… after years and years of arguing with liberals (I can spot them a mile away) I’ve lost all civility with them. I try! I really try!

Sooooooooooo, just to add to my “explanation” of my EXAMPLE of Obomacare. Here’s Ben Stein’s take on it.

No I don’t know if this is really a Ben Stein quote or not. But it’s dead on!!!!!!!!!!

And that pretty much describes the "hypocrisy and idiocy" of liberals.
Yeah .. sorry I have been busy and haven't fallen in line with your time frame expectations. I'll respond to you response now (see my next forthcoming post) ...
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