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Originally Posted by curlysir View Post
I am surprised that the extractor is the dipped version. I thought the non dipped was the latest and greatest for the 9mm. I replaced the extractor in my Gen 4 G17 with the non dipped version and have consistent ejections at 4 o'clock, much better then the original dipped. The last 2 I have ordered from Midway have been the non dipped. The ejector I just installed (from Midway) on my Gen 3 G22 was still dipped but was of much better quality then the stock ejector. Glock appears to have changed their method of manufacture.
Yes I was surprised as well, I thought the non dipped version for the 9MM with the LCI was the latest version. Hopefully the one from Glock parts LLC will be the non dipped.

If not maybe I can get lucky enough to try the Apex part when they release the next batch of extractors.
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