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One thing that I donít think has been addressed yet is the possibility of the extractor actually stretching to some extent after many cycles. If the gun runs for many hundreds of rounds and then starts to act up it has to be a wear part or an actual part failure and that would include the part loosing spec measurements by elongating. When you get your new part just for grins measure the distance between the claw and the anchor lug and see if your old one has gotten wider than the new one. Back in the 70s and early 80s the market had a bunch of import arms with parts that would bend or stretch after a few hundred rounds.
My 19 had problems from the start, but I too, find it interesting that some guns don't develop the problem until a few thousand rounds are through the gun. One thing I found odd was that the spring loaded bearing and spring was a few mm shorter in my 19 than the one found in my 17. The odd part is that my 19 only had 500 rounds through it while the 17 has several thousand. I wonder if some of the EDP springs are defective and compress under load earlier. I know this would cause a loss of extractor tension, but what effect would it have on ejection and extraction?
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