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Originally Posted by GPBob View Post
Fire Medic, you may have better luck with the White Sound depressor assembly than I did. My Gen 3 19 ejected BTFs with greater regularity using that part. It even gave me a BTF when inserted into my reliably ejecting 26.

I'm sending the White Sound back to Glockparts and exchanging it for a 40cal extractor.
I would appreciate if you kept me updated here in this thread. I had read about your results, but I'm just experimenting to see what might work with "my"gun. I am really disappointed that the extractor from Glock was another dipped one, but oh well. Especially since another member today received one in the mail and it was a non dipped version.

Hopefully the one from glock parts is not the dipped one and it works for me.

IF not then the gun will go back to Glock (reluctantly) and I will see what they have to offer. I am simply trying to eliminate all the variables before sending it in, so that once it goes it's gone, and either they fix it, or send me a gun that works properly. Not send me my gun back with a note that says it's fine when it's not.
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