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Fire medic I had a similar issue. Gen 3 19 -syl 03/12 date, noticed within the first few hundred rounds it had a serious BTF issue, if not BTF it would eject left/and or forward, then it started stove piping. Tried a crap-ton of ammo, good hot SD ammo, cheap range stuff, 124 NATO, etc. Noticed with hotter stuff it ejected straight back with a lot more force. Sent gun in, was returned with a non-dip #2 extractor. Was a little better the first time out- put 400-500 rounds through it, functioned 100%, still threw some back, but no left ejection or stovepipes. 2nd weekend out, another 400-500 through it, I was back to square one. Back/left ejection and 2 stovepipes with 124gr NATO.
Finally got tired of messing with it, traded for a new 08/12 tty gen 4. Its only got a little less than a thousand through it, but so far its been pretty good. Mostly right ejection, no stovepipes, but I've been doing all kinds of tests with it with ammo etc and its been OK. Keeping a close eye on it and will keep testing.
The only thing that makes sense to me is glock has some slides so out of spec one way or another there is no definite fix, otherwise I'd think they would have released a fix all extractor but they haven't, probably cause they can't since the tolerance could be off in one direction or the other.(I could be way off, just a guess)
I know one thing, if I wanted a gun i have to mess with for 100% reliability, I'd get another 1911. Sad part is, my 1911 (or any other gun I own for that matter) has been far more reliable than my gen 3 19 ever was. It throws brass to the right every time and has NEVER failed to go bang. Could not say the same for my last glock. Hopefully my current gen 4 stays OK and don't start acting up.
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