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Originally Posted by t4terrific View Post
Send it back and get a new one. I'm sick of you posting hundreds of times about something not working just right. You got a bad one. Move on and stop beating everyone else up because we get sick of your repetitious complaing. Complain to the people at fault. Not us. You aren't much of an "armorer" if you can't fix it yourself anyway.
I have posted way less than hundreds of times about my pistol. So I have no clue what your issue is. I'm not beating anyone up about anything, you have somehow been offended that my pistol does not work the way it should, and the way my other Glocks do. This thread was to share information, hence the pictures and the details given, not "complaining", I never once said why can't Glock get this right, or that Glock pistol are garbage, so get over yourself. As for the armorer remark, what does being an armorer have to do with an apparent issue with the manufacturing of parts? I would really like to hear that....

An added note about being an armorer, since you absolutely can't read, what is an armorer to do when the company sends you the same exact replacement parts that already came in the gun, genius?

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