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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
I've covered this all pretty extensively in another thread, so I'll just summarize for those not familiar with that thread. Glock 19 Gen 4, tested June 2012, came with 0-4-3 RSA, 30274 ejector, dip extractor. Just shy of 900 rounds now. Never jammed, but ejection was erratic from the start, including BTF with low power loads. Noticed wear on the extractor depressor plunger and the spring loaded bearing. Made one of each myself. Didn't help, but did stop the wear. Put in White Sound Defense extra power extractor depressor plunger spring. Didn't solve it. Put in Lone Wolf Distributors extractor. No change. Tried reconfiguring one of the new non-dip extractors into a non-LCI extractor. No change. Put in stock non-dip extractor. Now it seems to be all good. Ejects like my other nines. Even ejects normally with the magazine removed. Hope it stays fixed.
Yes thanks, I have been following your thread as well. Hopefully the part from Glockparts.Com is the non dipped and I have the same experience as you did. I ordered the white sound defense assembly from them as well.
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