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Originally Posted by Slackinoff View Post
My Gen4g19 serial TCDxxx has a #3 extractor. Probably 2 BTF incidences out of the 1100 total rnds. I am inwardly cheering you guys on to find a solution because I intend to put allot of rounds through this gun. Anyways...that's the only contribution I have to extractor is a #3 and seems to work great for now.
That's cool. I think my situation is a bit different than most, because my issues started at about 2K rounds, whereas most people is right away or around the 1K round mark. The more info we have the better prepared we are to deal with Glock when the issues arise.

Like today they mailed me the same extractor I already had (dipped), but another member on the same day received the newer (non dipped) version, WTF is up with that.
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