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My Gen3 G27, NRR prefix ejected fine at first but at 200 rounds I and a relative noticed some spent casings going over my head. I thought nothing of it and just kept shooting until 300 when some were going straight up in the air then landing back on my arms or on the top of the slide. Then I inspected the spent casings and saw a big dent/scrape at the case mouths with corresponding brass dust and smearing on the lower ejection port of the slide. I tried different ammo, same results. I had kept some of the first spent casings fired through this gun and they did not have the dent/scrape. Once the ejection problem started, 98% of the spent casings had the dent/scrape at the case mouth and about 10% were either ejecting over my head or straight up in the air. The dents/scrapes at the case mouths are similar to my Paint drawing below:
General Glocking

My brass does the same thing from my Gen 4 G23 that spits brass in my face about once or twice every 100 rounds. When I first got it the BTF was more frequent, but Glock sent me a new recoil spring (can't remember which without checking) and I get less BTF (but it still happens). I understand there is a new extractor out, and I think I'll try that. I don't like BTF one bit, and I also don't like the mouth's of my brass getting beat up like that since I load my own. Before anyone says anything I get the same result with factory ammo.

Gen4 G23
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