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Originally Posted by Hummer View Post
This morning I got up at 3 a.m. and drove to the grasslands of NW Colorado to hunt for pronghorn. Went through some beautiful country on the way and watched several herds of elk and deer. The area I hunt pronghorn is a patchwork of private and public land, so one has to study the maps carefully to stay on public ground. It was 3 days after the season opener and there were no other hunters around. Pretty soon I spotted four animals moving about a half mile away. I drove on another half mile and planned a stalk to head them off, walking down a gulch, then up over a hill.

The animals had bedded down about where I expected them to be. Pronghorn are very wary, able to detect movement at great distance. I crawled on my belly about 90 yards until I could barely see them from a prone position. Four does were positioned so each was looking in a different direction. Suddenly, two were looking in my direction and I knew it was time. I shot the biggest doe in it's bed at 210 yards. The 180 grain .30-06 Nosler Partition broke the shoulder and clipped the heart. She got up and ran with the others about 70 yards, then collapsed. It was 8:02 a.m. I'd been hunting for 30 minutes. Oh, well.

The Okie Corral

The quarter mile drag to the road was an easy one. The location was about a half mile from where I'd taken a Pronghorn buck last year. That hunt was a little more involved for a one day hunt, but also more rewarding.

On the way home I drove up the beautiful Williams Fork River, up Ripple Creek Pass, and onto my elk camp outside Buford near the FlatTops Wilderness. The combined elk, deer, bear season begins in less than two weeks. I can hardly wait.

(The orange thing on the left-front leg, is that the tag for your area?)
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