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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
Here is an LOL story for you. One of my coworkers at Cabelas came in last week and asked me to go with him after work to help "blood trail and drag" a doe he made a bad hit in earlier in the day. We went our, tracked the deer and sure enough 100 or so yards away the deer was laying, unable to move yet still alive. He looks at me and says "I left my bow in the truck, what now?". I drew my knife and long story short SLICE and there goes the deers throat. I looked back as I waited a minute for the deer to expire and he was upset, tears in his eyes and looking kind of sick. So I told him "here, take my knife and field dress it". He then Informed me this was his first kill and he didn't know how. I told him I would help him and teach him how. Long story short he didn't make it through it, we'll his lunch didn't anyway. A gut shot deer field dressing job does stink quite a bit but watching this "hunter" puke and cry just struck me as hilarious.LOL
Some people just aren't prepared for what happens after the shot.

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My first time was three or four rabbits my uncle and oldest brother took out of a local farmer's field. I was keen on the hunting, and very good noticing rabbits, but when my uncle had me butchering them out back where they burned the trash (back then, they're not allowed to now), I almost lost my lunch a few times.

They used shotguns and the shotgun pellets/bb's/shot will oft times penetrate the belly/intestines/etcetera. I had cleaned hundreds of fish beforehand, so the blood and guts didn't get to me, but that smell, I mean for the first time... UGH!

Long story short, my aunt and uncle cooked 'em up and they were dang good eatin' though!

Mike, that was over 40 years ago counting from this year, so thanks for the trip down Nostalgic Lane.
“After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it.” - William S. Burroughs
"Nothing we're gonna do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that [our gun ban legislation] will bring gun deaths down..." - VPOTUS Joe Biden
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