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What Ron said...

Taken from the USPSA handgun rules.

21.5 Exchange of minor
INTERNAL components
(strikers, sears, springs,
and other wholly-internal
INTERNAL parts: This clause is NOW interpreted
to mean that a broad range of INTERNAL parts may
be modified or replaced – either with OEM or aftermarket
Special Notes/Clarifications:
• Strikers, sears, springs, connectors/disconnectors,
and any other part which is NOT visible when the
gun is in battery is considered an INTERNAL part
and may be modified or replaced unless otherwise
prohibited in these provisions (see section 22 for specific
• Guide rods are considered an “internal part” and
may be modified and/or replaced with OEM or aftermarket
guide rods even though part of the guide rod
is externally visible when the gun is in battery. Note
that the weight limits in D4-18 remain in force and

Throw in a Ghost 3.5 connector and a spring kit and call it good !
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