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Originally Posted by Stang_Man View Post
To be fair, what they're doing doesn't seem to fully fit the bill.

For a Terry stop you need to:

Identify some activity that is out of the ordinary is occuring/has occured

The suspect is connected with said suspicious activity

And that the suspicious activity is related to a crime.
You mean like where it says:

“I understand how people may feel the way they do about Stop and Frisk, but what’s always left out of the equation is that we target those that fit a description,” Mullins said. “Our role of stopping someone is based on an incident report from someone in that particular neighborhood.”
That seems to fit with these being Terry stops.

They complain that the majority of people being stopped are black or Hispanic. I'd say, take a look at the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and you'll see why - any law enforcement in New York will have the same "racist" result.
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