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Originally Posted by CA Escapee View Post
There's a lawsuit in Denver against the USPS based on violation of 2A rights by a husband and wife.. The USPS, naturally, argued to a judge that it should be tossed out. The judge said, nope, it's valid and is allowing it to continue.
Yup, I'm watching that one closely.

So far there's only one case I'm aware of that went to the Supreme Court with ONLY a firearm on P.O. property charge.

Drug dealer on the property, some other stuff went on, they busted him because he had a handgun in the car. Court ruled "the parking lot is not a facility" so even if the US Code were in force for the P.O. the parking lot wasn't covered so his conviction was overturned.

I really need to find that one again. Took me months to find it before and I didn't bookmark it. Riggin' friggin'...

So this Denver one and the one in Louisiana are the only two alive right now that I can find without too much looking.
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