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Originally Posted by John Rambo View Post
Strange, any time I've told a cop I was carrying when it came up in conversation they didn't even bat an eye.

Whats that phrase again...tot...totall....totally...circumstances? Pam Bondi is an idiot. Pam Bondi is also not a police officer and our police officers (as long as you stay away from the Southeastern seaboard and out of St Petersburg/Clearwater) are not generally idiots.
I don't know about you, but I have had pretty good experiences regarding LEO's up and down the east coast, whether it's in Florida or not. I have had only one LEO encounter when I was armed(I stopped at a traffic accident) and he said "Thanks for telling me, just don't draw that ****"

Please tell me how the cops on the South Eastern seaboard are idiots.
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