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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
That sounds really cool. I however might be reluctant to attempt to offer that up to either the US Postal Police or the US Postal Inspection Service just in case they have a slightly different interpretation of whether or not they can enforce that section of Title 18. I wonder when they arrest someone for burglarizing a USPS facility or for committing an armed robbery at a Post Office whether they prosecute that as a federal or state crime?
Here, I'll help you out too.

Here are all the US Code sections that are in Title 18 and have to do with mail and mail property:

Theft, destruction, mailing firearms, falsification, obstruction of mail, etc are all covered. Those are exactly what you're talking about with the burglarizing of the USPS facility.

Now, show me where any of that has anything to do with carrying a firearm on USPS property, please.
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