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Originally Posted by rockapede View Post
To your first, yes. Your point?

To your second, again, your point? Several million dead people (many of whom were very, very religious) in WW2 alone had natural rights as well. In a practical sense, it was meaningless.

I still can't figure out how your post gives any evidence to this:

The invitation for you to provide a shred of evidence that I believe defense against tyrants is wrong is still open.
Nacke? Winston?

If an American president/king/dictator, makes a presidential order/law, that no American can posses a firearm, of any kind, and, the supreme court says it's constitutional, is it?

I say no! That is my point. Any interpretation, of the Constitution, other than what it says, is the true radical. It is an easy read, and straight forward.

As far as the very religious, in WW2, the only reason it was meaningless, as you say, is because they were disarmed. I think it speaks volumes!
If guns kill people, then, I can blame my pencil on my spelling!
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