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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
I am uncertain that those are the only sections of Title 18 that have to do with the Post Office. Here is a guy who was convicted of burglary including maybe one or two other sections of Title 18, including section 1361 which seems to be destruction of any government property, not specifically just Post Offices.

You are welcome to the thought that the part of Title 18 that governs carrying of firearms on US Property does not apply to the Post Office because the Post Office is a private corporation. My concern with that is that unlike most private corporations, the US Post Office appears to have its very own police department and Inspection Service who seem to have powers of arrest and the ability to prosecute and convict using any of several sections of Title 18, some of which specifically reference the Postal Service and some of which seem to be very generic sections that apply to all federal facilities.

As I said you don't have to specifically convince me that the part of Title 18 that covers carrying firearms in federal facilities does not apply to the Post Office. But someone may end up having to convince the Postal Inspection Service or more expensively an assistant US Attorney or far more expensively a federal court judge that that section does not apply. I will join the list of those here who would opt out of that attempt.

I agree with the thought that this ultimately may have to be clarified in federal court. I am certain that would be very expensive. I am also certain that some on one side of the court would suggest that the legslative intent of Title 18 was clear.
That's a lot of words to say you have nothing about carrying on PO property.

Postal Inspectors are series 1811, federal employees, who uphold federal laws. No one is disputing that.

Postal Employees are not federal employees.

Your continuing to use burglary stuff has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

I can show you in black and white where postal employees are not federal employees.

I can show you in black and white where theft of mail is a federal offense.

You cannot show me in black and white where carrying a firearm is illegal. If it were illegal to have a firearm on postal property, then how could it possibly be legal to mail a rifle?

I can also show you where if "or for official purposes" is not a legit defense, the max they could give you is
(2) Whoever shall be found guilty of violating the rules and regulations in this section while on property under the charge and control of the Postal Service is subject to fine of not more than $50 or imprisonment of not more than 30 days, or both.
but you still cannot show me where it's written illegal to carry onto postal property as that above would only be within the building.
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