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Originally Posted by ROGER4314 View Post
I will pay the postage for you to send them my way.

I would be happy to do that for you but the scrap bucket is gone, now. My friend sells the brass for scrap and I give him my "culls."

Is there a brass exchange in the site? I'd be happy to participate.

I have explained the concepts of karma and six-degrees-of-separation before. In short, the problem with sending that SP brass to someone is "what goes around, comes around". Sooner or later that brass will be back at your range.

The only solution is to destroy it. Get it out of circulation, permanently! Send it to a landfill where it can rot in peace.

This is a 'least effort' solution. It is satisfactory unless they guy at the transfer station picks it up and gets is back in circulation. One solution is to pack the cases in the bags with dog poop. I'm pretty sure they don't open up the Mutt Mitts.

A better solution is to smash the brass with a sledge hammer before sending it to a landfill. Or cut the case walls with a pair of tin snips. There might even be a calming effect to these alternatives. I think the sledge hammer solution might be particularly appropriate as we approach the election.

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