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Originally Posted by hamster View Post
I'm going to try a different brand of ammo because as has been said, that is my #1 suspect. Probably their round nose stock still would have been fine, but with the GDHP, the out of spec just plain causes failures.

I will say, this is the worst experience I've ever had with any handgun/ammo combination and has shaken my confidence in the pistol even though logically I know it is most likely not at fault. I will have to shoot at least 300 rounds without a hiccup before I'd feel comfortable carrying it at this point. This experience just goes to prove how critical it is to test HP carry loads as well as practice loads... you just never know.

Now I just need to find 300 reasonably priced .357 sig rounds.
Underwood ammo. I use them for target and self defense rounds. Both have been flawless and powerful loads. The self defense rounds are new cases.
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