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Originally Posted by Goaltender66 View Post
You don't think it's slightly odd that the BLS dropped a report, without a big disclaimer that would keep the otherwise unbiased and scrupulously detail-oriented MSM from drawing the wrong conclusion, that did not include the data from "one large state" a mere month before a major election?

It's de rigeur for the BLS to release a report with incomplete data? That's not "tainted" in your mind?

Because I don't think it's normal and I can only think of one reason why the BLS would release such a thing. If you can think of another, by all means share with the group.
Just out of curiosity:

1) What would you say if the report that is due to be released just days before the election shows that the unemployment rate has gone up to 7.9 or 8%? Will you still claim conspiracy?

2) Were you questioning the unemployment numbers under Obama when they were above 9%? If it's all a conspiracy, why were you not complaining then?

3) Were you questioning the numbers during his entire administration, minus the last week, when they were above 8% when he promised that the stimulus would prevent that from happening?

All of those scenarios I have listed above are bad for Obama. Even the current 7.8% number is still dismal. If you are consistent in your position of the numbers being bogus, and are not just complaining whenever they don't go your way (despite the fact that every American should be happy about a falling unemployment rate), why were you not bringing this up in the past?
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