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Ironically I started looking at the XDM's on GunBroker last night myself. My concern with the btf is that sometimes when I'm at the farm looking for game trails for deer season I like to pop a shot or two off for fun. since I don't go with the intention of shooting a session I don't bring all my range gear or think yo grab my shooting glasses. I feel that firing my Gen 4 g23 shouldn't have me concerned with taking a casing mouth first to my eye. pretty disappointing. plus it eats up my brass. Since I reload and just paid for 1000ct of 40s&w starline brass I'm not willing to let the.glock Jack it up. that would eat up the cost savings of loading my own. So the XDM is looking like a real viable option right now. However I do prefer everything about the Glock over the XDM with exception to the issues they have been having. Dang it Glock, get your head gear squared away!

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