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Originally Posted by BamaTrooper View Post
I am looking for about 6 or 8 additional volunteer Ros for the Mobile match. You can work either day or both. PM me if you are interested.

Match dates 10/20-21/2012

For those of you that volunteered (and any that may want to help), we will be starting the set up and RO shoot between 12and 1 on the 19th.

We should have plenty of strong backs there already and teh plate racks are already installed so we will need to put up tent/pavilions, the 5 to Glock and Glock M stages, hang signs and banners, move the shooter tables into place and other stuff. The quicker we can get it done, the quicker the ROs can shoot.

If you can't make it on Friday, make sure you find me and check in before the shooting starts on Saturday.
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