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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
So you've completely missed the entire discussion about the fact that Title 18 930 doesn't pertain to post offices ..
That may be "fact" to you. I however am extremely reluctant to accept that as fact unless I heard it from a federal court case or at least an opinion from an Assistant US Attorney or at least a Postal Inspection Service Agent.

Because unlike a whole host of other places that are not federal facilities ranging from K Mart to the Honda dealership to regional malls that suffer a wide variety of crimes that are prosecuted in state courts, there are a whole host of crimes at postal facilities that are investigated by career federal employees who are regularly in post offices and prosecute in federal courts under Title 18.

And even though letter carriers are not federal employees for pay and pension purposes, unlike lots of people who are murdered at least here, the murder of a letter carrier even when not on postal property will be prosecuted in federal court.

I would be reluctant to attempt a defense that I can carry legally in a Post Office because while 18 USC 924 does apply to a letter carrier 18 USC 930 does not apply at his place of employment.

That said my guess is that chances of a federal prosecution by someone who is not a convict for just carrying a firearm is slight. But unless there is some legal opinion from a federal court or prosecutor to me there is a difference between slight and outside the jurisdiction of the statute.
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