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Originally Posted by Skyhook View Post
Oh, Where'd we put that whiner-of-the-year award?

Ya know, pugman, if you were another Jobs, you'd not be so whiny. You had opportunity- opportunity insured by those old farts you despise- what did you do with it?

You are envious of the old, but seem to have forgotten they were getting up every day and going to work long before you stopped crappin' yellow in your 'nappies'.

Just sayin'
This is where the older generation, which I assume based on your post you are part of, just don't get it.

Whiner-no. Realistic-yes.

There was a thread the general section which went on forever titled "Retirement is not a right" guess what...its not.

The only thing which offends me is stupidity and ignorance. While those hittting the social security/Medicare rolls daily keep saying "protect my social security"...I've never heard one single one say "oh yeah, and protect it for my kids."

Simple truth: Social Security will be bankrupt by 2033. It started paying out more in 2010 than it took in. If the elderly are so noble, please tell me your plan to make sure I get my money - which by the way is paying for those on SS right now. Again, the simple truth is social security is a pyramid scheme. When it started there was 33 paying for every one forward and its now 1 to 7 and by the time the last of the baby boomers retire its 1 to 4. Yeah, its a good plan

Politicans fool the elderly into saying "we need to keep social security afloat" when in reality they should be saying "how do we sunset it."

I've never seen good come out of putting more money in the hands of government; which is where this all started. The problem is in part the poor don't pay any federal taxes - the bigger problem is the Fed continues to spend like a drunken sailor. Simply put WE ALL PAY TOO MUCH INTO GOVERNMENTS. When you consider up to 30% of your pay ends up back in their hands; hell the vig for the mob is usually only 20%-25%

I don't resent the elderly - I simply think any one of them which give me that "working when you were crapping in your pants" b.s forgets they were young once at well.

Maybe their age is affecting their memory
Now when asked when I think things will change I answer "The next time Thomas (aka the fed) robs Peter (aka the 53%) to pay Paul (aka the 47%) and Peter pulls a gun...things will change"

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