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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
Did gravity change or did they ding up their scales?
Nope neither one. One was mine and the other was a friend of mine. Mine was an Ohaus dial o gram and his was an Ohaus and I forget the model.
Mine I would zero it out I even used a bubble to make sure it was level. Put the check weights in the pan and it would not weigh right of what was in the pan.
His we gave me a load to try and I loaded them up of what he said and my gun would not work. I would shoot his reloads and the gun would work. So I took a couple of rounds home and pulled the bullets and weighted the charge. The charge was more than what he said. He had an Ohaus and a Dillon digital. They did not read the same so he thought the Dillon was wrong and the beam was right. He then bought a set of check weights. The beam was wrong and the digital was right.
So you can draw your own conclusion but in my option a beam scale can be wrong from my experience.
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