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Hi to all . . .

Living in Phoenix, AZ. I am a Senior Citizen, from US ARMY long time ago, and living out my enjoyable retirement in sunny Arizona. (except for the summers) spent in California at Laguna Beach.

As a member of the college educated class, I really dislike some of the language that members use. We are not all "hillbillies", "cowboys", "rednecks" and whatever twisted people the Democrats picture us as. Some of us are even semi-intelligent voters . . . thinking through the platforms both parties present.

When my friends question me about why I have a CCW, they usually quote the misinformed other half mentioning why I would have to kill/maim a human being.
Usually, they point to Blogs that demean the armed citizens of our country.

Let;s keep our language in a format that our 11 year old daughters would not consider foul.
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