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Thanks all.

I think the box is sexy, very nice cardboard hand fitted to a crisp folding upon closing said box...

Not a big fan of FCS, I omit them from any gun I order but I can live with them I guess. Heck I am even using them on this gun, I have to to work this slide . Typical Baer tightness, has that Baer "pop" as you wrestle it out of full battery and then it is not too bad.

Trigger pull, safety, slide stop, mag release etc are all top notch. I watched the free DVD that came with the gun. A Les Baer episode of "Shooting USA" showing the Baer shop and his car collection. Ole Les is not doing to poorly for himself with those cars, has a $2 million Ford Cobra parked in the garage

Kinda neat to see the 1911 go thru the process there, the shows states the typical Baer 1911 has about 25 hours of hands on gun smith time. If the show is accurate alot of different hands worked on my gun.
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