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Originally Posted by Glock_en_speil View Post
I was under the impression that Ed is the jerk, Les seems like a nice guy as does Bill Wilson. I'm a Wilson fan myself. I ordered a CQB and waited 7 months for delivery. It was very nice but I didn't do my "homework" as well as I should have. I decided I wanted a different kind of configuration so I sold it a couple of weeks after it arrived and "got back in line" with a CQB Elite now on order. It's not due until next spring.
From what I have heard Ed is a few lengths ahead of Les in the "Jerk 400m" race but Les is hanging in

I am just going by what I have heard over multiple years from numerous sources. Who really knows the truth.
I hope I never have to find out.

I called Wilson once due to an issue with the front sight on my CQB and they were great to deal with. I mailed them just the slide on my dime ($11 with insurance I think) and they fixed it and mailed it back within a week. They included 2 ETM mags to offset my $11, not a bad deal for me

The CQB in the "family" picture is an Elite, what features did you want that were not on the CQB? Just curious.
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