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Originally Posted by podwich View Post
You advocate taking from those who earn until they're "out of business." You advocate theft. You advocate destruction of incentive to work. You are evil.
I do not idolize business. It is a convenience that serves the customer. Otherwise, it serves no purpose. There is no obligation the part of the taxpayer to privilege or subsidize business. If it can't make it, it dies. Someone else steps in and fills the demand.

Those who make money pay taxes. Tomorrow I will pay the taxes on my properties. Big deal. Everyone who owns property does exactly the same thing. Can't see a problem with it.

Those who make money pay taxes on their income... unless of course they are a multinational hiding their income overseas in a off-shore account. If they don't pay, strip them of assess and auction them to pay the bill. Someone else will step in and address demand. Fine. Meantime treat the pirates of commerce like pirates used to be treated when they wanted to rule the seven seas... give them the modern business/economic equivalent of a short rope and a long drop.

Now... is that evil? What do you think? Is it evil to play hard ball with those who want to play hard ball? Is it evil to take those who ignore any supposition of right and wrong and give them a dose of what they shove down the neck of everyone else? Evil? No, not at all. Justice... of the most poetic sort.
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