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actually I didn't think i was "Defensive" at all. I was "aiming" for Offensive, but thanks for the benefit of the doubt.


I have seen so many folks throw out "patterns" and then say "good enough for combat". I have followed the statistics for over 30 years now and law enforcement stats are keeping to a "more shots, less hits" trend for the last couple of decades. Now I know people like to play with stats but the fact is the survivablility rate for LE has not shown a significant improvement despite the "firepower".

Part of my attitude comes from how hard I have worked on my skills, both speedand accuracy, and I have found that there is no substitute for accuracy especially when you are training for speed. If you train to be accurate at 25yds, the closer ranges, at speed, are a chip shot. (and BTW I have been shot at so I know the effects on my abilities).

I see so much of modern "practical" competition at the lower than national level being decided by tenths of a second than accuracy. It is almost as though we don't want to say "the other guy was better than me" we want to say "he was faster"

I have only seen a few cases of a civillian losing a gunfight because they weren't "fast enough" but I have also seen few cases of a miss winning a gunfight either.

I must apparently apologize for my brusk demeanor but the folks that taught me even less polite than I. Apparently the world has changed since then, but those were folks that went over the hill and saw the elephant and came back to report about it.
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