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Originally Posted by Filhar View Post
"Besides, as every well-informed American citizen knows: It's the guys ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POST OFFICE COUNTER that you really have to worry about!) "

What an uninformed stupid remark. There's no excuse for ignorance.
Didn't mean to set you off. Would you feel better if I were to tell you that we give our postperson, at least, a $20.00 tip every Christmas!

Other than that, everything I've said is 100% correct. If you think otherwise then you need to review current historical events. You may not like what I've said; but, historically, it's accurate; and, once you stop emoting, I think you'll be forced to agree.

One of our former post offices was shot up, and both staff and customers, alike, were murdered by an irate postal worker. So, please, I'm not making this stuff up! You shouldn't make stuff up, either. Pissed-off post office personnel are - HISTORICALLY - very dangerous to the American public.

(By the way, the devil will be ice skating in Hell before you ever find me to be uninformed - OK.)
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