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If you look at Lee,s loading data using the dippers, they tend to load on the low or even below low starting loads. They do throw viable loads if you can find a dipper number that covers a specific powder. I have been using homemade dippers since 1949 (granted not reloading as long as some of you) but in my experience dippers work just fine when checked and double checked against my old beam Ohaus 500 scale. I build dippers that fall into the mid-range of the loads. I never load to max as there is really no need to. Some of my loads with a dipper for 300 WSM-180 Accubond, have taken buffalo, moose, elk, caribou, black bear, caribou, and numerous white tail. Won a pistol G17, many years ago at Ft. Benning, using dipper load of Bullseye. Of course can no longer hold a pistol without tremors ...
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