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RussP, In talking to an Attorney in the RKBA's community he talked about that very question you ask. It boils down to whatever the Government wants it to mean and said that with a laugh. HE stated that in state laws especially when it came to carry laws when the state law states Official purposes sometimes it means those with a Permit/License to Carry but only sometimes. Most state laws specifically mention those with Permit/licenses to Carry as being exempt from a law if it doesn't apply to them. It is the view of the Feds that when they state Official Purposes it means someone in Law Enforcement who in the course of their official duties has to carry a firearm. He then stated the way he reads the PO Law/Reg that even a Police Officer can not carry into a PO unless they are on official business at that PO. If they are just stopping in to mail a letter they are in violation of the law. They have to be on PO Property for official business or as the law states official Purposes. Now he told me that was just his opinion but that is the way he understands the law as written.

Funny thing about Rights/laws/rules/regulations or whatever you want to call them. Look how we read the 2nd Amendment and believe how it applies. Then look how others read the 2nd Amendment and how they think it applies. It will be settled court case by court case. In the mean time we have to tip toe around on what they think they mean.

Edit: One item I left out. He stated that just mailing a letter or buying a stamp was most likely not official business or purpose.
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