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Originally Posted by Foxtrotx1 View Post
Chrome lining is not just for corrosion protection. It greatly adds in reliability. Makes the chamber much slicker. The "match rifle" is bull****. People wanted a carbine not a bench gun.
i would say that hk knows how to build a reliable rifle and i would put the mr556 reliability up there with any top tier rifle maker.

keep in mind they have a govt that does not want 'weapons of war' in civilan hands. they were engineering the rifle with non standard pin locatiobs so yhe upper would not fit on standard lowers and it is why fealets can no longer sample hk416's to agencies as the uppers were being parted out to civvies after the demo.

most people who bash the mr556, even if it was identical to the 416 still would not buy one. people who do buy one know what they are getting and seem pleased with their choice.
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