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Originally Posted by F_G View Post
If it's just a scratch and gonna' be a shooter......none. If it's a gouge, I'm going to consider passing on that particular specimen. I don't own any safe queens and have 6 1911's of various sizes and manufacturer. 3 have slide stop scratches (not quite the elitist to call a poor soul an idiot for one possible oops moment) 1 was put there by me in an oops moment. So, what do you perfectionists do with holster wear? Commit suicide?

And to the genius that made the statement that the gun has been handled by a hack if it has an idiot mark. Fortunately, I can actually take one apart, inspect it, and determine upon that inspection if the weapon has indeed been mishandled or abused.
Not all shops will allow customers to tear down a gun in the store. My closest shop will allow cheaper guns to be field stripped if it's a simple operation but when it comes to the high end 1911s, they won't even let you dry fire them most of the time.

As for used, they'll let you shoot a mag for free at the range but tearing down any 1911 in the store, not at all. I can usually get away with it since I've been going there for over a decade now , but that's only with certain people that work there.

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