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I carry the 27 with no extensions. The extensions always pinch my pinky.

Sometimes I carry the 19 or 23, but usually in the winter. I shoot the 26 and 19 about the same, with split times a hair faster with the 19. The 27 took some practice to get comfortable with.

Not to derail the thread, but I recently did my own at home hollow point testing with different loads and different glocks. The 27 preferred the 180gr round. The best load I shot out of the 27 was the 180 HST. Consistent expansion and penetration, with the 165 ranger t being a close second.

ETA: The 27 goes everywhere with me. It's worth practicing with. You can't beat the size, weight, capacity, reliability for a CC gun. 10 rounds of .40 in a gun that literally disappears on me.
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