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As I was leaving to the range yesterday the post lady comes by and gives me my mail, and low and behold my order from Glock Parts.Com came in. The LCI 9MM Extractor and white sound defense HRED I ordered from them came in. Their extractor is the newer "non-dipped" version. Why they have this part and Glock themselves still mailed me the old "dipped" version I have no clue, but off to the range I went, happy that I had the parts in hand to do the testing I wanted to. I took 200 rounds of 9MM with me.

First up was the gun as it has been, with the erratic ejection, no parts swapped. In the first magazine the BTF and erratic ejection continued. 20 rounds of this nonsense was enough, time to swap parts.

Swapped in the new RSA from Glock along with the "dipped" extractor they sent me. 30 rounds this way and the pistol performed EXACTLY as it did before the new parts were thrown in.

Next up tried the HRED with the "new" dipped extractor and the pistol was no better than before, and if I didn't know any better was even more erratic.

Next tried the Glockparts "non-dipped" extractor with the HRED, and the pistol was ejecting very strong out to between 3-5 o'clock every time. 125 rounds down range with this combo and not one single brass to the face, or to the left, or straight up and down. I had (2) pieces of brass go over my shoulder at a 45 degree angle, but the rest were much further away from me and bouncing of the divider of the range.

125 rounds by no means is any sign of reliability with these parts, but it's a start. The fact that the new parts from Smyrna had absolutely no effect to change things for the better was very enlightening. I will leave the HRED assembly and the non dipped extractor and see what happens over the next few hundred rounds. I know this combo has not worked for others, but so far it's working for me. So "in my case" the Apex part will be on hold "for now", as if the gun is working as it should with the current setup I see no need to spend another $60 at the moment.

One curious thing to me was, that the new non dipped extractor has no number on it like the other two, so nothing else to share there except it's the newer non dipped LCI 9MM version.

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