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Originally Posted by TKM View Post
"That is you’re propagative"
You wrote it. You think you know what you meant.
I read it. I know what it means.
One of us is right.
Guess who?
Is "English Nazi" an OXYMORON??

Anyway, those of us who aren't know he meant "prerogative".


[ pri róggətiv ]

1.privilege restricted to people of rank: an exclusive privilege or right enjoyed by a person or group occupying a particular rank or position
2.individual right or privilege: a privilege or right that allows a particular person or group to give orders or make decisions or judgments
3.privilege resulting from natural advantage: the right conferred by a natural advantage that places somebody in a position of superiority

Propagative I guess that would be an adjective describing this: prop·a·ga·tion (pr p-g sh n)
n. 1. Multiplication or increase, as by natural reproduction.
2. The process of spreading to a larger area or greater number

Irresponsible use of alcohol kills many times those killed by guns. And look what happened to PROHIBITION 100 years ago!
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