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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
"Lie" is a pretty strong and hostile word, and on what evidence? None. You sound like an 'extremist', and a deceptive one at that.

Have you ever met a talking snake? Neither have I.

If you did, might you not be ready to believe something supernatural was afoot? Perhaps that Satan had disguised himself as a snake? The footnote in my KJV Bible re Genesis 3:1 says, "The great deceiver clothed himself as a serpent, as one of God's good creatures. He insinuated a falsehood and portrayed rebellion as clever, but essentially innocent, self-interest. Therefore, "the devil, or Satan", is later referred to as "that old serpent" -Revelations12:9; 20:2."

so no mention of Satan until the Christians came along years latter. how odd and revisionist. no where in genesis is Satan mentioned now is he?

an no i have never met a talking snake. i and everyone else alive have not seen half the stuff that is said to be able happen according to the bible.

plus Satan is suppose to be evil right? but the snake was doing a good thing by giving us knowledge. so are you saying Satan is a good guy?

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