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Originally Posted by aspartz View Post
  1. Fee for service:
    Anything that has a direct individual beneficiary, fee for service.
    If you want to go to the park, pay an entrance fee that supports the park service.
    Drive on a road, pay a use fee that pays for the wear and tear you do to the road. This includes EVERY vehicle, POV, transit bus, school bus and every not-for-profit vehicle.
    Ride on government owed transit, pay a ticket price that fully covers the cost to operate the system.
    Want to watch Sesame Street or listen to NPR, put up with commercials like everybody else
  2. Get the government out of business:
    Why should the government operate a transit system in the first place. I don't oppose infrastructure, but let a private company run the railroad.
    If you and you friends want nature, band together and buy the land with funds from willing donors
Get the government back to doing only what it was founded and empowered to do. People don't mind paying for essential services like defense and safety, but balk at paying an endless stream of people who feel entitled to someone else's money due to some imagined social contract.

And if it's not profitable in some places to build roads or maintain post offices, or run fiber, we let them turn Third World? Won't those places turn into havens for terrorists and outlaws?
"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."

Leona Helmsley
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