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Originally Posted by AlexHassin View Post
so no mention of Satan until the Christians came along years latter. how odd and revisionist. no where in genesis is Satan mentioned now is he?

an no i have never met a talking snake. i and everyone else alive have not seen half the stuff that is said to be able happen according to the bible.

plus Satan is suppose to be evil right? but the snake was doing a good thing by giving us knowledge. so are you saying Satan is a good guy?
Are you saying that you believe in Genesis, but not the rest of the Bible? Different, for sure, but why do I suspect that you don't believe in Genesis either?

Yes, Satan personifies evil. No, the snake (a.k.a. Satan) was not doing a good thing. He pretended to do a good thing, but, you see, that's just the problem with Satan; he's a con man. He was actually tempting people to sin; to rebel against God's will. That's one of the points of the story -don't be gullible for Satanic lies.
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