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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
To be more accurate I have a bone to pick with the concept of God.

Bigoted... mmm... no not really. I know some fine Christians. But it has nothing to do with them being Christian. They're just good people. They'd be just as good were they Muslim or Agnostic. I tend to work on a case by case basis.

But yes... I do want to do everything in my power to dismantle religion and the concept of God. But not by force mind you. Just with reason and logic. I want to help in every way I can to decrease the number of gaps that God hides in.
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Originally Posted by AlexHassin View Post
so no mention of Satan until the Christians came along years latter. how odd and revisionist. no where in genesis is Satan mentioned now is he?

an no i have never met a talking snake. i and everyone else alive have not seen half the stuff that is said to be able happen according to the bible.

plus Satan is suppose to be evil right? but the snake was doing a good thing by giving us knowledge. so are you saying Satan is a good guy?
Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
Satan was a very late invention. At that time the Jews were just being absolutely tormented by the Romans. And so they invented a supernatural concept by which their tormentors would themselves eventually be tormented. But if you watch the history unfold Satan is absolutely and invention of man. He's the boogie man... the voice in your head that makes you do bad things... the monster under your bed.
Did Rome happen before or after Job? I'm forgetting my history here.
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