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IE9, Flash, and SSL Issue

Figured id post this in case anyone is having the same issue we have been fighting. A couple of our clients employees have been having regarding accessing Websites that use SSL, when the Shockwave Plugin(flash) is enabled. As soon as you go to login page, at say a banking website for example, IE just crashes. Turn off the Flash plugin, it works like a charm. We used that to temporarily put a bandaid on the issue till we had a solution, since not having flash sucks.

Turns out that uninstalling the HP Security Manager software and its component programs resolved the issue. As soon as we uninstalled that software, the issue was gone. Luckily none of them really used any of that software anyways, so it wasnt really an inconvenience for them. Might be different if you have that issue on a pc without that software, but so far we are 3/3 for it being the resolution.
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