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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
Are you saying that you believe in Genesis, but not the rest of the Bible? Different, for sure, but why do I suspect that you don't believe in Genesis either?

Yes, Satan personifies evil. No, the snake (a.k.a. Satan) was not doing a good thing. He pretended to do a good thing, but, you see, that's just the problem with Satan; he's a con man. He was actually tempting people to sin; to rebel against God's will. That's one of the points of the story -don't be gullible for Satanic lies.
don't believe in it, but i can judge right and wrong and read the stories. the fruit contained knowledge, so that the only thing separating us from god/s/ ( he does say us) is eating from the tree of everlasting life.

so is the knowledge that god have bad? what is wrong with making humans rise up and be better?
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